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100 of Pliva's employees registered as stem cell donors

100 of Pliva's employees registered as stem cell donors

Zagreb, 2 February 2018 – Pliva, the leading pharmaceutical company in Croatia, together with Ana Rukavina Foundation, organised a campaign for encouraging its employees to register in the Croatian registry of stem cells donors. This initiative has demonstrated that Pliva is a true partner to the community it operates in, as during this campaign 100 of its employees joined the registry.

Mihael Furjan, President of the Board, said: “I am very glad Pliva has joined this campaign. Our employees have been involved in charities for years, and are always more than ready to help those in need. Pliva, for instance, has been organising blood donating events four times a year for more than five decades. As for this new campaign, we are aware that with the increasing number of registered donors the likelihood of saving someone’s life increases, so I am very proud of our contribution to people’s health, especially to those waiting for a transplantation”.

The main goal of Ana Rukavina Foundation is to find matching stem cells donors for patients suffering from leukaemia, lymphoma, and other severe bone marrow diseases. Marija Rukavina, director of the Foundation, said: “Eleven years ago we started expanding the Croatian registry of stem cells donors, as a part of Ana’s legacy, with the aim of helping those who needed stem cells transplantation. We organise awareness raising campaigns called “The cure is inside of us” to motivate citizens to register and save someone’s life. I am happy to see that Pliva’s employees have recognised our mission”.

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