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Interdepartmental drill TIM 1836-2018 held on Pliva’s premises

Interdepartmental drill TIM 1836-2018 held on Pliva’s premises

On 12 April 2018 an interdepartmental drill with the total of 136 participants was held at Pliva’s Zagreb site.

Members of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence land forces, the City of Zagreb public fire brigade and Pliva’s fire brigade, as well as other institutions responsible for immediate response in the event of a security-related event which may potentially result in toxic industrial materials (TIM) release, took part in this drill, the aim of which was to demonstrate their joint capabilities in a crisis situation.

The drill was monitored by a 12-member crisis HQ situated in Pliva’s research centre’s hall, with representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defence, Croatian Toxicology and Anti-Doping Institute, Croatian Public Health Institute, Croatian Military College, EUROPOL, Hungarian police and others.

Zoran Bunčić, a member of the Board and Pharma Operations Zagreb executive director said that Pliva placed great emphasis on security and protecting its employees, assets and property, and the drill was an excellent opportunity to learn something new.

According to the scenario, a criminal group threatened to demolish containers with dangerous and toxic chemical substances in the critical infrastructure plant, with potential release of the materials and the contamination of the wider city area, which is considered to be one of the most complex and sophisticated types of security risk, demanding integrated activities of a number of departments on the national level.

The audience was also addressed by Krunoslav Borovec, Assistant Head of Police, who explained the purpose and the scenario of the drill. He said that the in the real-life situation there would be much more activities, such as engaging the citizens, checking the evacuation systems, communicating effectively with the public about potential danger and providing advice on means of protection.

The simulation was successful, demonstrating the readiness of all bodies responsible for intervening and coordination activities in a crisis situation. Head of Police Nikola Milina said after the drill: “This is another contribution to strengthening the developing the homeland security system.“

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