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Second crystal growth competition – The Beauty of Crystal Surfaces

Second crystal growth competition – The Beauty of Crystal Surfaces

Zagreb, 26 September 2016 – In the period between 14 October 2016 and 17 December 2016 the Croatian Association of Crystallographers (CAC), Croatian Crystallographic Community and PLIVA Croatia are organising The Beauty of Crystal Surfaces, the second crystal growth competition for elementary and high school students in Croatia.

The first competition attracted great interest among students and their mentors all over Croatia. Teams of young scientists from more than 150 schools have accepted the challenge, stepped boldly into the world of science, and spent two months growing their crystals with the hope of winning the crystallographer of the year title.

This year’s crystal growth (i.e. the crystallisation of the material delivered to participants) will be carried out in three categories. The task is to make most regular and largest crystal in a defined period. Elementary and high school students will have separate competitions in categories of their choice:

Organic salt crystal growth

Inorganic salt crystal growth

Challenge – synthesis and crystallisation of inorganic compound

Aleksandar Višnjevac, PhD, president of the Croatian Association of Crystallographers said: “With The Beauty of Crystal Surfaces competition we want to contribute to better education, make crystallography more accessible to students, and encourage them to think about the advantages of choosing natural sciences as their occupation choice.“

Project leader in PLIVA is Ernest Meštrović, PhD, TAPI R&D Senior Director, said about the competition: “I am happy for this opportunity to organise this educational project, with the goal to promote and popularise science among younger generations. We want students to have a positive attitude toward science, research and learning through direct experience.”

Application forms, which can be found at PLIVA’s internet site, are to be sent from 26 September to 7 October 2016 to e-mail address kristalnirast@pliva.com.

More information about the competition is available on official Facebook page The Beauty of Crystal Surfaces (Ljepota kristalnih ploha) and on official web sites of PLIVA and Croatian Association of Crystallographers. For further information fell free to contact us at kristalnirast@pliva.com.

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