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PLIVA joins Movember with I Choose Health campaign

PLIVA joins Movember with I Choose Health campaign

Zagreb, 28 November 2016 – PLIVA Croatia, the largest pharmaceutical company in the country, organised I Choose Health campaign to join the global Movember movement, in order to contribute to raising awareness among the general public, especially men, about the importance of taking care of our health and regular prostate check-ups.

The event was organised on Saturday, 26 November 2016, in the very heart of Zagreb. The public was able to get information about prostate health, and consult urology specialists about risk factors, the importance of early diagnostic, and the ways of preventing diseases. PLIVA’s male employees supported Movember by growing moustache, and their female colleagues braided their hair. Passers-by enjoyed the smell and taste of roasted chestnuts, chosen for their shape and size which is similar to that of a prostate, thus becoming a recognisable symbol of the event. Members of the Croatian national water polo team also joined the campaign.

“PLIVA’s public health campaigns are aimed at raising awareness about the importance of adopting heathy habits, in order to prevent a number of difficulties and diseases. This year we gladly joined one of the most popular global movements. We have cooperated with experts to help our citizens get information about prostate diseases and activities which can be helpful for early diagnosis and treatment. We thank our employees who have grown moustache and braided their hair, thus helping us with the campaign, reminding everyone of the importance of making the right choices when it comes to health, with the emphasis on education and encouraging healthy lifestyle“, said Mihael Furjan, PLIVA’s President of the Board, who joined the employees in this campaign.

Prostate diseases include benign prostate enlargement, inflammation, and prostate cancer as the most severe disease. Today prostate cancer is the most malignant tumour among men in the world. Risk factors for prostate cancer are advanced age, hereditary factors, hormonal impact and environmental factors, as well as smoking, unbalanced diet and increased body weight. The primary goal of Movember is aimed at raising the awareness of the importance of prevention in fighting prostate diseases, but also of male health in general. The name Movember is a combination of the words moustache and November, demonstrating how men support the campaign – by growing moustache in November. The movement started in 2003 in Melbourne, and today millions of people around the world take part.

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