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European HQ for Teva Finance Operations - Expanding Teva’s Shared Services Center Zagreb

European HQ for Teva Finance Operations - Expanding Teva’s Shared Services Center Zagreb

Zagreb, 12 December 2016 - Teva’s Shared Services Center Zagreb (SSC) is continuing its business expansion and providing financial support to an even greater number of European countries.

Ever since it was formed in 2014, Teva’s Shared Services Center Zagreb has been successfully providing the transactional finance services, supporting a number of European countries including Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. In line with continuing efforts of achieving greater efficiency of global accounting and financial operations, Teva, the owner of PLIVA, has decided to consolidate all financial operations activities in Europe into a single centre in Zagreb, which means that its operations will now include Spain, Italy, Great Britain, France and the Netherlands

“In the last several months we have achieved our planned targets and this Center has proven to provide very high quality support and a professional handling of international projects, which is crucial for finance operations, confirming thus the initial vision of achieving top results“, said Dheeraj Nagpal, Senior Director for Finance Operations, adding that “it will take about six months to complete the business expansion process, and in order to meet new demands and requirements on time we have already started expanding the team“.

The bundling of services will enable Teva to standardize and improve European financial operations, and continue meeting the long-term strategic goal of transforming financial processes in Europe, by creating a group that will support Teva’s companies in Europe. We expect around 30 new jobs to open in Zagreb. The expanded Shared Services Center, which is already providing high quality support, will work on improving the quality of services and the efficiency of Teva Group finances. “In addition to active knowledge of foreign languages and understanding financial transactions, ideal candidates should be highly motivated to work using most advanced and cutting edge technology in the world of global finance, besides working in an international corporation environment“, said Dheeraj Nagpal.

“I am glad to see that Teva has once again recognized Croatia as a country with motivated and skilled employees, and that the experience so far has been positive. The Shared Services Centre will in the upcoming period hire new experts, who will support Teva’s financial operations in Europe from Croatia, which presents not only a great responsibility, but also an excellent opportunity to acquire experience in international teams”, said Mihael Furjan, PLIVA’s President of the Board. 

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