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New President of the Management Board of PLIVA HRVATSKA d.o.o.

New President of the Management Board of PLIVA HRVATSKA d.o.o.

Zagreb, 4 May 2015 - PLIVA HRVATSKA d.o.o., a member of the Teva Group, has announced the appointment of Mihael Furjan to the position of the Management Board President, effective 4 May 2015, following a decision of Tihomir Orešković, current President of the Management Board, to accept a global position.

„It was at PLIVA that Mihael Furjan started and developed his successful career, and we are therefore exceptionally glad to have appointed him to this position. After he had left PLIVA, Mr. Furjan held a number of renowned international positions in the pharmaceutical industry and eventually returned to Croatia to contribute with his knowledge and experience to the leading company in the Croatian pharmaceutical market”, said Hubert Puech d'Alissac, President of the Supervisory Board of PLIVA HRVATSKA d.o.o., and added: “Mr. Furjan will also assume responsibility for commercial operations in Southeast Europe (“SEE”) and, together with teams in SEE markets, provide high quality services to all our customers and business partners in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro.”

Mihael Furjan is an executive with over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Following his graduation at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, he joined PLIVA in 1997 as business analyst in Economic Affairs, and shortly thereafter advanced to the position of Economic Affairs Manager and Operating Planning, Sales and Marketing Manager in Marketing Department. His expertise covers various areas of the pharmaceutical business, e.g. he was appointed as Biotechnology Project Director in 2001, New Products Launch Manager in Strategic Marketing in 2003, and Senior Director, European Corporate Products in Business Development in 2004. Before leaving PLIVA in 2009, he was responsible for the overall product lifecycle and European Project Management and Country Support. His rich managerial experience covers finance, product development, marketing and sales, process restructuring and leading of international teams and projects. He spent several years with his family in Switzerland, where he worked as an executive responsible for the international portfolio of a global generic company, before re-joining PLIVA.

“To be at the head of the leading pharmaceutical company in Croatia is both an exceptional responsibility and a great pleasure. I started my professional life at PLIVA, and I am grateful to PLIVA for giving me a chance to acquire an array of knowledge and work on highly challenging projects already at the very beginning of my career. PLIVA is today an important member of the Teva Group, the largest generic company on the global level, which keeps up with global pharmaceutical trends thanks to the knowledge and experience of its people. It is a real challenge to return to Zagreb following such an enriching international experience and further develop PLIVA’s successful business operations in SEE,” said Mihael Furjan.

Tihomir Orešković assumed responsibility for Teva’s European finance in July 2014, and was appointed as Chief Financial Officer, Global Generics, located in Amsterdam in April 2015. When commenting on his new position, Mr. Orešković said: “The responsibility for finance of Teva’s generics business is a major breakthrough. I am glad that over the last three years I have gained a valuable insight into PLIVA’s complex operations and had a chance to work with world class experts, real team players and people devoted to continuous progress and achievements. Today PLIVA is so much more than just a leader on the Croatian pharmaceutical market. The expertise of its people in Croatia, who create trends in the pharmaceutical industry hand in hand with international experts, goes far beyond this region.” He also added: “I am sure that investments, in particular those into expansion and additional modernisation of production processes but also considerable investments in research and development, will provide an additional impetus to the further growth and development of both PLIVA and the overall pharmaceutical industry in Croatia.”

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