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First crystal-growing competition

First crystal-growing competition

On the occasion of the International Year of Crystallography, the Croatian Association of Crystallographers and the Croatian Crystallographic Association, in cooperation with PLIVA, organized the first crystal-growing competition, the Beauty of Crystal Surfaces, for students of primary and secondary schools in Croatia.

The competition started on 23 October 2014, and over 400 young scientists from across Croatia diligently worked on crystal growth and keeping of laboratory notebooks over the last several months. Their task was to work in teams and grow as big and as regular crystal as possible in one of the categories in which they competed. Almost all teams were successful.

In the Crystal Growth of a Given Salt category, the most successful were the teams of 7th Gymnasium from Zagreb, Vladimir Nazor Gymnasium from Zadar and 5th Gymnasium from Zagreb.

In the Crystal Growth of a Given Organic Compound category, the first place went to another team from 7th Gymnasium from Zagreb. The Vladimir Prelog Science School from Zagreb took the second place, while the third place went to Primary School Silvija Strahimira Kranjčevića from Zagreb.

In the Crystal in the Crystal category, 3rd Gymnasium from Split was the most successful. The team of the Vladimira Preloga Science School from Zagreb took the second place, while Primary School Antuna Nemčića Gostovinskog from Koprivnica ranked third.

The works of young crystallographers were examined by a group of scientists and teachers, members of the Croatian Association of Crystallographers, led by Prof Ernest Meštrović, Ph.D. and Aleksandar Višnjevac, Ph.D.

Aleksandar Višnjevac, Ph.D., President of the Croatian Association of Crystallographers and one of the competition leaders, said: “Our goal in this project was to encourage students to work independently and to bring the world of science closer to them. I believe that we have made a great step by arousing interest in science among young people since by investing in science, we invest in our future and in our future creative and motivated colleagues who will contribute to the development of science.“


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