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PLIVA Helps Flood Victims

PLIVA Helps Flood Victims

It is with great concern that we follow the situation and news from the flooded areas of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

We have been shocked by the magnitude of this catastrophe and by the number of people directly affected by this natural disaster. PLIVA’s initial help to flood victims includes antibiotics, analgesics, antipyretics and other essential medicines, as well as disinfectants and water purifying agents, whose market value amounts to around HRK 600,000.

PLIVA helps people in the flooded areas in cooperation with the Red Cross and the relevant ministries and in collaboration with our branch offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia.

Our heart goes out to all those families who lost their homes and other property in the flooding.

The solidarity of people from across the region gives a breath of optimism, and we hope that our joint efforts will help normalize the situation and help the evacuees return to their homes as soon as possible. 





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