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PLIVA Wins Its Third Golden Record of Achievement Award

PLIVA Wins Its Third Golden Record of Achievement Award

At the award presentation ceremony held in the Hypo Centre on 13 March 2014, the 2013 Golden Record of Achievement awards were presented to the companies which most actively participated in student life in 2013. The purpose of the Golden Record of Achievement project is to create connections between the academic community and businesses, encourage as many companies as possible to invest in student education and participate in student life, and thus upgrade education in the Republic of Croatia.

This year, students have presented a special jury award to PLIVA for its investments in student projects and contribution to student life. When receiving the award on behalf of PLIVA, Ernest Meštrović, TAPI R&D Senior Director, said that PLIVA was committed to supporting students and their professional development, and to its plans for an even more active participation in student life in the future.

The Golden Record of Achievement award is the award presented by students to companies which make the largest investments in the professional development and education of students. This year the Golden Record of Achievement project has gone national for the first time, and attracted 50 companies and many student associations from different higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia.

This award, coming from students, is especially important for PLIVA because by investing in students, we also invest in our future and our future creative and motivated colleagues. This award also encourages us in our efforts to further contribute to student life and maintain PLIVA’s positive image in the student community.

This year’s project managed to achieve its long-term goal, i.e. present awards on the national level. The project also attracted a record number of applications, with as many as 50 companies competing for this prestigious award. Students presented 12 awards in six categories and three special jury awards.

The project was organized by the eSTUDENT organisation for the fourth consecutive time, and was supported by Prof. Ivo Josipović, Ph.D., President of the Republic of Croatia, Institute for the Development of Education, Croatian Employers’ Association and the University of Zagreb.  

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