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PLIVA Received Recognition for Its Participation in the Key Difference Project

On Wednesday, 17 April 2013, the Key Difference awards, the purpose of which is to identify and promote employers who encourage diversity in their working environment and among human resources, were presented for the second time. This year, the awards have been presented under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour and Pension System in four categories: general equality, gender equality, age equality and equality of persons with disabilities. The awards were presented by Prof. Mirando Mrsić, Ph.D., Minister of Labour and Pension System.

When talking about the importance of this award, Minister Mrsić said: "The awareness about human resource diversities and learning from these diversities positively affect the organisational climate and interpersonal relationships in an organisation. The efficient diversity management enables all employees to develop their potential in line with the company's goals. At the same time, the integration of vulnerable population groups into the labour market requires from all segments of the society to take a systematic and coordinated approach. Efforts invested in diversity management often result in innovated work and technological processes or in new product development. Therefore, the "Key Difference Project - Award for Human Resource Diversity" is extremely important: it strengthens vulnerable population groups exposed to multiple discrimination in the Croatian labour market."
The purpose of the award for human resource diversity is to recognize and award employers who implement positive practices in all aspects of human resource development and is a part of the joint project carried out by the UNDP Croatia, Office for Human Rights of the Croatian Government, Institute of Labour Market Development, the MojPosao portal and the Fund for Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of People with Disabilities.
"PLIVA lives and works in Teva, a true multicultural environment, and we believe that this factor contributes most to our success. PLIVA has been encouraging and developing all aspects of diversity for many years.
Only different perspectives and approaches ensure a greater creativity, faster innovations and high-quality decisions. Women account for 56.6 of employees. At 67 managerial positions, they account for 67%."
"We see the Key Difference Project and similar projects as an opportunity to evaluate our achievements and identify areas for improvement and development", was PLIVA's message at the second award presentation ceremony. Marina Musulin, Labour Relations and Health Protection Manager, received the award on behalf of PLIVA from Igor Žonja, President of the Management Board of the MojPosao portal.
Following the award presentation ceremony, the round table "Diversity and Equality in Practice" was held and the awarded employers discussed both examples from practice and the forthcoming challenges in the European labour market. Minister Mrsić emphasized that the Ministry wanted to encourage employers to consider people with disabilities as they are good and highly motivated employees who contribute to the creation of a positive working environment. He expressed his hope that employers would accept "quotas in employment" system and emphasised how the purpose of the new Labour Act was not to "force people to retire".


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