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PLIVA Ranks Third on the List of Most Attractive Employers in Croatia

For a fourth consecutive year dm ranked first with 15.1% of points and INA, for the first time, second with 3.1% of points earned in the Employer of Choice Survey. PLIVA, which ranked 10th last year, made a large breakthrough, taking a high third place with 2.5% of points earned. Furthermore, the respondents with university qualifications put PLIVA on the second place.

The ninth consecutive Employer of Choice Survey, which was conducted in December 2012 by the MojPosao portal and included more than 1,700 respondents, revealed the most attractive employers and the reasons for respondents' choice. The purpose of the survey was to find out which employers on the Croatian labour market were most attractive to the general audience and why, and to single out those which advanced most on the survey scale.
The respondents were required to name three employers of first choice: the first-choice employers earned three points, the second-choice employers earned two points and the third-choice employers earned one point. It should be mentioned that the survey was based exclusively on the respondents' perception of the companies and their free choice, which means that the names of the companies were not offered in advance.
Commenting on these excellent survey results, Blagica Petrovac Šikić, Director of PLIVA's Human Resources, said: "I am truly proud that PLIVA ranks third on the list of the most attractive employers in Croatia. A jump of seven places in comparison with last year's results of the survey conducted by the MojPosao portal confirms our continuous efforts to upgrade the overall quality of business operations and human resource management. We are especially glad that highly educated respondents see us as the second-choice employer.
The credit for these results certainly goes to an ongoing large investment cycle, accompanied by increased employment last year and announced job openings this year.
Human resources are those whose knowledge, skills, competencies and creativity contribute most to market success. We, at PLIVA, long ago became aware that highly qualified and motivated employees are one of the strongest sources of PLIVA's success and competitiveness. PLIVA is committed to providing each employee with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge required for their employment role and it therefore supports and encourages lifelong learning.
The human resource management strategy to a great extent depends on cultural environment and tradition of individual countries. The leading Croatian companies and new and innovation-focused employees are aware of new tendencies in the human resource segment. Money is not the only motivating factor: sophisticated and complex motivational methods are required. Teamwork, respect, innovation and loyalty are just some of the characteristics without which a modern work environment and organisational culture cannot be imagined."
The crucial factor in the selection of the first-choice employer was job safety, which received grade 5 by 31% of respondents. Professional advancement opportunities were the crucial factor for 28% of respondents and ranked second. Corporate social responsibility was the crucial factor for 27% of respondents, and harmonious work relations for 26% of respondents. The lowest number of respondents, i.e. only 18%, considered advancement in hierarchy as the crucial factor in the selection of the first-choice employer.
Despite the conventional wisdom that salary is the most attractive factor, this is not the case with first-choice employers. Salary and other financial benefits have been found as crucial factors by only 22% of respondents, which is less than last year when this was the case for 26% of respondents.


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