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Internships and Scholarships

PLIVA pays great attention to the recruitment of personnel during their education. Students can become acquainted with PLIVA during their practical training. For most of them, this is one of the first opportunities to put their theoretical knowledge into practice and thus gain a new perspective on the fields of their interest.

The number of students doing their practical training at PLIVA is over 150 annually, and a significant number of students contact PLIVA's experts for assistance while working on their seminar papers and bachelor's theses. We enable them to learn something new during their training at PLIVA by providing them with an opportunity to use methods, equipment and literature that would otherwise be unavailable to them. For the majority of them, this opens a window of possibilities offered to professionals with their qualifications, and an opportunity to further define their professional interests and ambitions. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for PLIVA to get to know and maybe recruit some of them.

PLIVA also has a long tradition of granting scholarships. Therefore, it earmarks considerable funds for scholarships for students studying at the schools it finds important, i.e. the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and Faculty of Science, in order to attract students with superior results and above average competencies.

If you would like to do you practical training at PLIVA, please send us your CV and cover letter, indicating your fields of interest and dates your find convenient for your training, to:



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