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Corporate Culture

PLIVA supports, nurtures and develops its organizational culture, which reflects its operating values and which is shared and represented by its employees. We at PLIVA are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, affordable medicines for a better quality of life.


Corporate culture is a set of standards, values, beliefs and behaviours that are embedded in all organizational segments and that strongly influence the organizational functioning. Corporate culture, created collectively over a long period of time, is unique to each organization. It is a key factor for the achievement of the organization's strategic goals and success, and an important prerequisite for continuous and timely adjustment to constant changes.

Competent, educated and motivated employees are one of the strongest sources of our success and our competitive strength in the market. We pay special attention to a careful selection and recruitment of our employees, a process in which we have almost half a century of experience. Since our operations are quite specific, e.g. production and quality assurance which require on-the-job learning, PLIVA recruits young people who have recently graduated and invests in their further professional development. For all professional and managerial positions, we choose from candidates with superior capacities who are interested in continuous learning, professional development and teamwork. Although concrete knowledge and skills are important as far as experienced candidates are concerned, we place a special emphasis on the aforementioned characteristics, which cannot be changed or which are very difficult to change.

As we recognized the role and importance of our employees and their knowledge in our company's development and success long ago, we invest considerable efforts and resources in knowledge and competencies development. We are committed to enabling each employee to acquire the knowledge they need for their work, but we also expect and support life long learning.

Performance-based appraisal is also an integral part of our human resource management process. Its purpose is to remunerate outstanding results and behaviour and key competencies contributing to business results and strengthening of the PLIVA brand. Our remuneration system is supported by career advancement opportunities.

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