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Social Responsibility

Along with product quality, PLIVA has built its position and the status of socially responsible company by creating relationships with customers, users and business partners in the health system, and establishing high-quality relations with its employees, and the overall social and economic environment.

The projects PLIVA runs in the community are the evidence of its consistency in applying Teva’s principles and ethical behaviour in business, investing significant efforts in proving its position of a responsible company ready to help, improve, advise, educate and donate funds for projects relevant for Croatia and its citizens.

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PLIVA is proud of its involvement in helping patients’ associations, NGOs, scientific projects and education, additional training for physicians and pharmacists, providing the general public with reliable and relevant data, and last but not least running projects in the local community, charity work and donating to those who are in need.    


Donations and Sponsorships

Through partner projects PLIVA offers financial support to local communities serving patients and their carers, and supports its employees in volunteering. In 2014 and 2015 PLIVA donated more than HRK 2 million to a number of NGOs, institutions and organisations taking care of those in need. The largest donation exceeding one million kuna in cash, disinfectants and water purification agents was made to the victims of disastrous floods in Croatia and the region.

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Public Health Actions

With continual responsible behaviour PLIVA has confirmed to be a true partner to the community in which it achieves it business success. Every year PLIVA organises a number of public health activities aimed at raising awareness of the importance of protecting the health of Croatian citizens.

One of the activities was I LOVE WALKING in 2015, organised in Split, Rijeka, Osijek and Zagreb. Nearly a thousand of PLIVA’s employees took part, and for each kilometre they walked PLIVA donated funds for buying a spirometer for educating the patients. 

I CHOOSE HEALTH – MOVEMBER has become a tradition for PLIVA. In 2015 PLIVA organised it together with Dr. Fran Mihaljević Infectious Diseases Clinic, thus joining the global Movember initiative aimed at raising awareness among men of the importance of taking care of their health and having regular check-ups for preventive purposes. The activity was repeated in 2016. 

Every year PLIVA either organises or sponsors educational projects for GPs, specialists from hospital systems, nurses and pharmacists, in other words for all health care professionals.

In addition, PLIVA continually cooperates with Croatian universities, runs its own sponsorship programs, and its experts take part in proposing laws in different areas.



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