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Collaboration with the healthcare community

Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organizations

In order to meet the high ethical standards and expectations of patients, the public sector and other stakeholders of the healthcare system, pharmaceutical industry across Europe has committed to disclose transfers of value made to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs) through the adoption of the EFPIA Code and the Medicines for Europe Code.

At PLIVA, we value our relationship with HCPs and HCOs and fully support the commitment, taken on by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), its association of innovative pharmaceutical companies and the Medicines for Europe, to disclose transfers of value made to individual HCPs and HCOs.  

Interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals and organizations built on sound foundations are in the best interest of patients. The EFPIA and the Medicines for Europe disclosure codes are aimed at protecting the integrity of these interactions. At the same time, they are a step towards promoting greater transparency and building understanding between the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare community and the public across Europe.


What is the EFPIA Disclosure Code?

The EFPIA Disclosure Code is the official code of conduct of the Association of innovative pharmaceutical companies, aimed at establishing transparent and clear rules and procedures applicable to its members for the promotion of medicinal products to healthcare professionals in a manner that would ensure, to the largest extent possible, professional and ethical conduct and transparency of actions, in order to achieve rational pharmacotherapy and provide quality patient-oriented health protection focused on the benefit of  patients in Croatia.  According to the Code, all EFPIA members are obligated to disclose transfers of value made to HCPs and HCOs.

For more information on the EFPIA Code visit the EFPIA official website.

What is the Medicines for Europe Code?

The Medicines for Europe Code of Conduct on Interactions with the Healthcare Community (The Medicines for Europe Code) aims to set ethical standards and principles that promote trust, accountability and mutual respect between pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare community, including healthcare experts, healthcare organizations, patients and patient organizations.

For more information on the Medicines for Europe Code visit the organization’s official website.

To see PLIVA’s Transfers of Value Reports and Methodology used in the implementation of the Codes please click on the following links:

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